Welcome to All The Fun, the passion project of Tony and Garvey! We’re not just travel enthusiasts; we’re curators of extraordinary moments, explorers of the unbeaten path, and most importantly, storytellers at heart. Our ultimate goal? To help you find joy, laughter, and excitement in every corner of the world.

A portrait photo of Tony & Garvey


Tony, the Canadian explorer, is not just an adventurer but also a robotics and automation expert. He runs a company that specializes in leveraging technology to make workplaces safer and operations more efficient. This technological prowess adds a unique lens through which Tony views the world, enriching his stories with insights on how local cultures integrate modernity and tradition. While Tony loves discovering local culinary gems, his true passion lies in capturing scenery and moments that ignite joy and wonder – from capturing the lights off a mountaintop sunset to the local ingredients of a traditional dish. Tony travels the globe with a blend of grit and luxury, always chasing experiences that awaken the senses that bring tons of fun!


Garvey, the globetrotter, was a digital nomad long before it was a mainstream term. Garvey has been traveling as a solo female for nearly two decades aiming to spend at least three to twelve months in a location so she can build community, but remains nimble to continue her focus on learning, innovating, and cross-pollinating. More than just an adventurer, Garvey is constantly on the lookout for innovations and technologies that aim to solve problems for those living on $2 or less a day and/or have the potential to positively affect 1 billion people or more. Her investment focus adds an extra layer of depth to her travels, as she explores not just geography and culture but also opportunities for meaningful change. Garvey believes that the real joy of travel is not just in the adrenaline-pumping activities but in the conversations shared, the lifelong friendships made, and the profound ways travel shapes our worldview. We are truly more similar than we are different!

A portrait photo of Tony & Garvey


Together, we aim to bring you more than just sights, sounds, and flavors; we want to share the joy, the laughter, and the untold stories that make each destination unique. We believe that travel should be about more than just ticking boxes; it should be a wellspring of joy, respectful of local cultures, and enriching to the soul.

So, come along for the ride and discover a world you never knew existed, one filled with joy, laughter, and, of course, All The Fun.